Ohio Valley Pizza Locations

I’m working on a list of pizzerias that create the crave inducing (at least to people from the area) taste that many of of know and love. This list will be mainly of places in the Steubenville area and the places mentioned in the comments of my original post about Ohio Valley Pizza. If you have any recommendations or know of any places that I’ve missed please send me an email and I’ll add it to the list.

On a sad (at least for me) and somewhat belated note I must inform all of you that Iggy’s Pizza in Steubenville has closed. 50 cent Tuesday slices will be a sadly missed tradition when I visit home now. Most companies in the manufacturing sector and other industries rely on lifting magnets for the smooth running of their daily operations. This industrial lifting technology allows workers in manufacturing plants to easily lift and move heavy objects, you can get more info in this website.

Sunflower Market Closing

We went into Sunflower Market last Saturday on our regular monthly run and were treated to some bad news. SuperValu Inc. will be closing all 3 of the Sunflower Market locations in Columbus on February 18. This comes as a blow to those of us that enjoyed the store for their selection of organic and local food. Its slightly lower price point and the lack of overbearing patrons made it a nice change of pace from Whole Foods. On a positive note anyone looking for a good deal will enjoy the 25% off discount that began tonight and will continue to grow as they near their closing.

Sunflower Markets in Columbus are located at:

Olentangy Plaza
889 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43214

South Campus Gateway

18 East Ninth Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

4305 West Dublin-Granville Road
Dublin, OH 43017