A silver lining?

Well, I just got some lovely news a little bit ago. It seems that the house I was going to move into with my friends just got put up for auction because our landlord missed some payments and foreclosed on their loan. So instead of the “Why is your site called Mine Road?” ramble I was going to write for today I’m going to write this out of sheer annoyance. This auction would be so bad if a) we had known about it before a few days ago b) if our landlord hadn’t said it was taken care of and wouldn’t be happening and c) if it wasn’t TOMORROW. Yes, you heard right boys and girls my place in Columbus is being auctioned off tomorrow. This is more than slightly annoying as I had planned on having a domicile in that area for the next 6 months. I have already told clients I would be available to them as a resident of Columbus at least 2 weeks a month. I was also looking forward to being in a city slightly larger and more cultured than the one I currently reside in (Steubenville, OH) at least half of the month. Not to mention that my friends would have been my roommates and good times would have been had for all. We may all get lucky though and the person who buys the house will allow us to stay at the current rent until the end of the lease. Well I really should get back to work now as I have to get some designs done before the end of the day.

Author: Nick

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