I’m still posting on this thing… Really I am!

I just noticed I haven’t written anything on here in awhile. I thought I’d written my little ditty about the notorious “Ohio Valley Pizza” condition already. It seems I haven’t, though, so I will make a point to finish that this weekend. On a positive note I picked up an iPod Shuffle today, which is really working out well so far. I’ll also post some pictures and information about that this weekend as well. Time for me to be going though I want to catch up on some reading before I go to bed.

Author: Nick

I'll write one at some point!

1 thought on “I’m still posting on this thing… Really I am!”

  1. Ohio Valley Pizza – It’s bloody square! The entire valley looked at pi, said “You’re too damn confusing with that whole decimal point thing”, rounded up and made a pizza with the resultant.

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