The SSL Blues

Ah, technology, how I loathe you. Primarily I just loathe SSL certificate brokers right now. Their changing practices are starting to get annoying right now. At one point you could just provide proof of who you were and then you could get your SSL certificate and go on with life. Now, though, its a completely different story. Some people have been taking advantage of being able to get SSL’s somewhat easily and now I have to sell my first born child while dancing on one leg in order to obtain one. I understand why they do this but it still doesn’t cease to make it annoying.

Author: Nick

I'll write one at some point!

3 thoughts on “The SSL Blues”

  1. The process in obtaining a VeriSign certificate is pretty fun as well. You receive a series of phone calls from a computer and enter secret codes. I am the seasoned SSL champ!

  2. Ever try a GeoTrust SSL? They seem to work pretty well with my experience and are a bit cheaper than VeriSign. You still have to get the automated phone call and crap, but the signup process tends to run a bit smoother.

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