Sometimes I love my job…

Outside of 806 College Ave.So after my 1pm meeting I decided to spend the rest of the my work day sitting on the back porch working on designs. Nice blue skies above me and birds singing in the background. On a side note we really need to clean the yard and driveway up. It’s more than slightly messy from the winter.

Some days I just love my job, though. Those days are mainly when it’s about 70 degrees and sunny.

Feel free to show your hatred in the comments.

Author: Nick

I'll write one at some point!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I love my job…”

  1. This is the part where I give you the finger… not because you did that, since I was there too, but because your Internet connection was working while you did it. Maybe it’s time to replace that wireless card…

  2. I do the same thing, Morelli. Isn’t it great working for yourself? I get up at 8 or 9 or whenever I feel like it, then work wherever I want and for as long as I want, etc. Now if I could land one of my big deals, I could just quit working and play games all day…

  3. Morelli, don’t know if you’ll remember me or not, but randomly got to your page, from AOL. Nice page. Haidee Wolfe

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