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I received an Odeo invite a few days back now. I skipped over it initially and didn’t think anything about it. A day later I started seeing people comment about it variously over the net. So I went back into my email and followed the link and joined up.

It seems this was a wise decision on my part. I’ve never really gotten into the “podcast” scene but I think that Odeo has changed my ways. It’s easy to use interface coupled with high quality podcasts have made me a believer.

The Odeosyncer, which I’m told is like Ipodder, makes life easy by downloading any podcasts that you subscribe to on the site. Finding and listening to podcasts are accessible to everyone by having an elegant yet simple navigation system. Too top it off they allow you to listen to the podcasts within the site itself. Just click the play button under the image representing a various podast and you can get a taste to see if you like it.

I hope that some of you out there also get/have an invite to Odeo and decide to try it out. If not when it comes out of BETA I recommend you run out and give it a try.

Author: Nick

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