A Night At Mineroad

I decided to brave the evils of a dial up Internet connection and spend the night at my family farm tonight (it’s amazing what lengths you will go to in order to get home made cookies). I’d put up some pics to show you the place that inspired this domain but I left my digital cam at home and it’s being flaky anyway. It always amazes me how much productivity will increase when you are placed in the middle of nowhere for short periods. Tonight I sat down to finish a logo for a client and actually managed to not get distracted from the task at all. If you know me then you know that this is a rare feat. I generally tend to take mini breaks a good bit when I’m working. If you can’t tell there really wasn’t any point to this post. I just felt like putting some words to screen for some reason. Oh well I guess that just happens sometimes.

Author: Nick

I'll write one at some point!

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