Resolutions ++

It’s late so I’ll most likely keep this short and sweet. I finally sat down yesterday to nail down this years new years resolutions and I felt I needed to post them on here. I think by writing them down where people “might” actually read them I’ll feel a little more accountable with them

Resolutions 2006:

  • Be more organized (yes, I know cliche as possible)
  • Hike, Bike, and Fish more… this is really to get outdoors more in general. I was at one of those huge outdoor with my family a few weeks back and realized how much I miss those activities.
  • Get on a regular sleep schedule. If any of you know me really well you know that my sleep schedule is about as wonky as can be.

I know the list is short but I think that by keeping it this way I’ll most likely be able to keep them. Well I’m off to work on the “sleep” resolution.

Author: Nick

I'll write one at some point!

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