LiveJournal Crossposter Hack Comments On/Off

For all of you waiting for the next version of the LiveJournal Crossposter I’ve posted a little hack to hold you over.

I’ve added the ability for you to select if you want the comments to be on or off via the LiveJournal Crossposter options in WordPress. I’ve passed this along to Evan and mayhap he will include it in the next version if he doesn’t already have it done.

Download it here.

All Engines Go

Mine Road has officially been updated to WordPress 2.0 and comments Have been re-opened. Lets hope the new version of Spam Karma combined with the new WordPress keep the spam to a minimum. I’ve also changed the design up a bit by modifying the Kubrick template to fit my needs. I’ll be adding some other hacks here and there throughout the next few weeks in order to get everything exactly how I want it.

I must say that I really like the new features in this version of WordPress. The WYSIWIG editor that is installed by default is pretty nice. It has enough features to make posting easier but not overloaded and trying to act like a full fledgedweb based WYSIWIG like FCKeditor. The ability to drag, stretch, and collapse many of the options within the admin is also very nice. Don’t want that positioned there? No Problem! It’s all very Web 2.0.

I’ve also installed a new Livejournal updater plug-in. As Livepress has not been updated for WordPress 2.0 nor seems to have any plans to do so I switched over to the Livejournal Cross Poster. It was a breeze to set up compared to Livepress (3 hours, yes… you read that right). I will have to do some tinkering with it though, I think. I like that it refers people back here to post comments but I think you Livejournal only people should be able to post in LJ if you want!

If this new version continues to treat me as well as it has for the last few hours I’m going to be one happy blogger indeed.

Resolutions ++

It’s late so I’ll most likely keep this short and sweet. I finally sat down yesterday to nail down this years new years resolutions and I felt I needed to post them on here. I think by writing them down where people “might” actually read them I’ll feel a little more accountable with them

Resolutions 2006:

  • Be more organized (yes, I know cliche as possible)
  • Hike, Bike, and Fish more… this is really to get outdoors more in general. I was at one of those huge outdoor with my family a few weeks back and realized how much I miss those activities.
  • Get on a regular sleep schedule. If any of you know me really well you know that my sleep schedule is about as wonky as can be.

I know the list is short but I think that by keeping it this way I’ll most likely be able to keep them. Well I’m off to work on the “sleep” resolution.