Inconsistancy as a rule.

At one time that motto above ruled most of my life, especially the part that dealt with my “blogging” and writing. I often did this because I never felt that I had anything of interest to say and that if I did no one would really read it. To be honest that is still as true today as it was in 1998 or so when I first start my venture into the world of blogging. Back then it was called an “online diary” and I hand edited it instead of using programs like WordPress and I enjoyed it much more. But then what is better to an angst ridden teenager than being able to share his angst with the rest of the world? Now I am slightly less angst ridden (or so I like to think) and coming up on my 23rd birthday in 16 days. The reason for writing has changed though. I’ve found that since graduating from college last year my written skills have begun to deteriorate at an unparalled rate. I am pretty sure that this is because I don’t have four or so papers a week due anymore and tend to only write in response to emails and to comment snippets of code. So in an effort to curb the deterioration, share some of my life and maybe even a little bit of Internet lore with those who happen to stumble upon this site I have started this little project.

So to anyone who reads this I hope you enjoy it and welcome to and a little window into my life.