Sometimes I love my job…

Outside of 806 College Ave.So after my 1pm meeting I decided to spend the rest of the my work day sitting on the back porch working on designs. Nice blue skies above me and birds singing in the background. On a side note we really need to clean the yard and driveway up. It’s more than slightly messy from the winter.

Some days I just love my job, though. Those days are mainly when it’s about 70 degrees and sunny.

Feel free to show your hatred in the comments.

The SSL Blues

Ah, technology, how I loathe you. Primarily I just loathe SSL certificate brokers right now. Their changing practices are starting to get annoying right now. At one point you could just provide proof of who you were and then you could get your SSL certificate and go on with life. Now, though, its a completely different story. Some people have been taking advantage of being able to get SSL’s somewhat easily and now I have to sell my first born child while dancing on one leg in order to obtain one. I understand why they do this but it still doesn’t cease to make it annoying.

I’m still posting on this thing… Really I am!

I just noticed I haven’t written anything on here in awhile. I thought I’d written my little ditty about the notorious “Ohio Valley Pizza” condition already. It seems I haven’t, though, so I will make a point to finish that this weekend. On a positive note I picked up an iPod Shuffle today, which is really working out well so far. I’ll also post some pictures and information about that this weekend as well. Time for me to be going though I want to catch up on some reading before I go to bed.

Sixty-Five Degrees in February

I’m sitting on my front porch as I write this little ditty. Which is quite surprising in itself considering that I live in Ohio and its the middle of February. Generally, as many of you Ohioans know, there is still a few inches of snow on the ground right now and its cold enough to keep you cowering inside near a heater. So I have to say that this change of weather was a nice respite. I’ve been getting rather antsy lately due to some cabin fever and have had a hard time getting everything done that needed to be. I think that being able to sit outside again, even for a little bit, has helped me with this little malady.

The amount of people I’ve seen walk by in the past 30 or so minutes has been surprising. Somewhere around 10 people I think, ranging from someone who stopped to say “helloâ€? and how amazing it is to be outside today to those who are giving me funny looks for playing Dave Matthews on my computer in my not-so-good neighborhood. Some kids just walked by in shorts going off to play basketball, amazing.

I think I’m going to go and clean my car out in a few minutes, actually. The amount of gross things that have piled up in it over the course of the winter is a bit horrifying to say the least. Somewhere around 3 coats, a scarf, 4 hats, 40 cd’s, a metric ton of paper, and some random garbage have graced my back seat with their prescience. I’m a bit worried that a small culture of super intelligent bacteria are growing within the mass and are plotting to take over the Earth as we speak.

Oh well off I go. I’ll try and make sure one of the next few entries has to do with something other than random ramblings about my life.