Southside of The Burgh

McArdles Pub Skullcap Had a fun and amusing time this past weekend. One of my roommates, Spencer, came down from Columbus to partake in an evening of food and drink in the infamous Southside in Pittsburgh. Flohr was supposed to come as well but only having $16 to last you for the next few days put a damper on his ability to join us. We met up with Ron around 8 though and attempted to get into Fatheads fro some of their great burgers but ended up being thwarted by an hour and a half wait so we just went to Primanti Bros. As usual this was a wonderful meal and we got to introduce Spence to Pittsburgh style sandwiches. If you didn’t know that means we put the meat, cheese, French fries, cole slaw and tomatoes all on two slices of bread and dare you to try and eat it. Which is how sandwiches should be eaten at all times. After Primanti we wondered down to Piper’s Pub and had a drink before embarking to the final destination of the night, McArdles Pub. At the pub we met up with Don from Foraxis and had a good time playing pool and being generally good natured. We met a few guys from Nakama as well later in the evening who schooled us in the game of pool. I think this was because we had all been drinking for about 4 hours by that point (or the fact that I’m just horrible at pool). Oh and to make a good night better I managed to get my hands on of one of the McArdles Pub “Skullies� which I wore crooked and off kilter randomly for the rest of the night.

A Slightly More Productive Life

Well I finally managed to move all of my things into my room and get my desk together since my last post. It has really helped out my productivity while in Columbus as I no longer have to either lie on my bed with the laptop or sit on the couch downstairs to get my work done. Managing to get everything built and put together properly was a chore though as I really couldn’t organize everything until after a little party we had held on Saturday. I’m testing a new plug-in for WordPress on this post and you will hopefully see some images of my Columbus room/office. If this works out well I will post some of my Steubenville office later this week.

Ikea of DOOM and some good food

Sorry I’ve been busy this week doing, well nothing. So I’ve been unable to update the blog because of this. I promise this week will be much better(really, I swear). I seem to have gotten really used to working in front of a nice big desk the last few months and my move to the previously “deskless” Columbus seems to have sapped my will to work any reasonable and normal amount. I’ve combated this rather weighty and more than slightly annoying issue by visiting the friendly neighborhood Ikea on my trip home for my Grandmother’s birthday. I am now the proud owner of various lighting fixtures, a trash can, a little wooden human model, a clothes hamper, and most importantly a very nice desk. I’m going to be on a hunt for desk chairs when I hit Columbus tomorrow if I make it into town early enough. I’ll attempt to post some pictures in the next few days when all of this is assembled in my room.

On a side note we went to a restaurant in Pittsburgh called Lidia’s for my birthday/my Gram’s birthday dinner and I have to give it a two thumbs up. Not only was the food excellent but the wait staff was also a hit. I think I’ll try and make sure I have some meetings there in the next 6 months or so.