Out of Town

I’m here in the hilly land of Athens, Ohio visiting one of my good friends from college. Aside from the wonderful company I also get to eat at one of my favorite random places, Bagel Street. They have, by far, the best bagel sandwiches I’ve had in my 23 years on the face of the Earth. That being said I’m going to try and get some sleep as it is 2:36AM and I have to phone some clients at 9am and the cat who is trying to sleep under my arm doesn’t seem to enjoy the typing.


I just got back from seeing the movie Kinsey at the Drexel theater which to my good fortune is only a few blocks away from my place. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for the past few months after I saw the preview in one of my many movie going experiences. Some of this is due in part for my love of slightly offbeat movies but it was mostly influenced by my degree in Psychology. It’s quite like being a moth drawn to a flame.

Anyway, on to the movie! The beginning sets up Dr. Kinsey’s life from childhood (just a few scenes) through his teaching and eventual marriage. His marriage problems (physically) coupled with his inquisitive nature and a push to educate people as best he could (plus a well timed student petition) helped to inspire his work in the field of human reproduction. The film focuses a great deal on his personal life and how skewed it was in comparison to the status quo as well as how the public views his findings. The struggle of a scientist trying to overcome a religious and society driven barrier about being secretive about sexual problems, lifestyles, and habits is often brought up and is a primary focus in the film. All in all I think it is a well acted and relatively good portrayal of what Dr. Kinsey had to go through in his life. As with all movies it is modified from reality in order to make a more dramatic movie going experience but thats how it always is. So get out and see this movie you won’t be disappointed.

In watching this movie some of my college ruminations about sex in modern society came back to the surface. I find it fascinating that after the American Sexual Revolution and the increased knowledge about our own bodies, sexual habits, and increased personal freedoms that we are still as cloistered as we are. You’d think that after all of that people would be more accepting and open minded about other peoples preferences and beliefs. I could go on but I’m just going to link to Eric Meyer’s articles about the marriage laws that were recently passed in Ohio. I think he sums it up far better than I could currently.

The life of a traveling salesman

Well all of my rent issues seem to have been taken care of as of Monday so I will be moving my bed, dresser, and secondary computer desk to Columbus on Sunday with Tom. Which is a huge weight off of my shoulders as I can start settling in up there and get a “work pattern” established. Now some of you may be saying “what is a work pattern?” right now. Now I’m sure that there is a much more technical term for this but it is what I call getting into a 10-6 schedule and forcing yourself to be productive. This may sound funny to all of you who work at somewhere other than your home but to me it is very hard. I have a 15 step commute from my bedroom to my “office” and it is quite a job to actually work. Especially when 20 things need to be done around the house or the tv, xbox, phone, book, etc. are calling to you all the time.

So what is the title of your post about anyway, Nick? All you’ve talked about so far is the fact that you don’t have the willpower to make yourself work and that you are moving some stuff from one place in Ohio to another. Well, that is totally correct, but as some of you know I live in two different places. I hold a residence in Columbus, Ohio as well as Steubenville, Ohio as I had mentioned in an earlier post. This is normally a really nice thing until weeks like this pop up. I forgot both my business and personal checkbooks in Steubenville and had to drive back there to pick them up. A 3 hour drive normally won’t affect me much but today it just seemed to drain the life from me. I think this is due to the fact that I had to drive out to Mary Rutan Hostpital in Bellefontaine on Monday already this week. But, alas, that is how my life works and it seems to fit the title of traveling salesman.

On a more computer related note it seems that MacWorld has been good to all of the Apple zealots around the world (including myself). They came out with a $499 Mac called the Mac mini and a new version of the iPod call the iPod Shuffle. I plan on purchasing the iPod Shuffle sometime in the next week or two and will try and have a review handy for everyone to read soon after said purchase. I think I’ll also pick up a Mac mini in the next 6 months as well. My old macs are unable to run the newest versions of Safari last I checked so I need a more up to date “test” machine to check my browser compatibility issues.

This last little bit goes out to Reyhan Dhuny who was wondering what happened to my layout. I had installed the Zen layout by Michee Rose when I first put WordPress up in order to get rid of the default layout you currently see as to spruce things up a bit. I took down that layout because I didn’t think it reflected what I wanted this site to feel like. I am in the process of building a template for this site between work on client sites and should have it up sometime next week if all goes well. I’ll make sure to post a screen shot of it when I get a finalized look nailed down in Photoshop.

The world of the web and some major cleaning.

Today I while wondering the blogosphere I ran into a link from Brainstorms&Raves to this article over at molly.com which although I seem to be about a month late in reading was interesting. It is an interesting reflection on the web design community’s view on web standards after Web Design World 2004.

On a side note I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time just cleaning a bathroom and kitchen as I did tonight. Oh well it’ll just be minor cleaning and upkeep from now on though.