The Domain

Where did you think of this crazy domain name you make ask (most likely not). It actually comes from the name of the road my family farm sits on. And right down the way there happens to be an old coal mine where my stepfather used to work. The mine was torn down in 2005 as they decided to move the shaft somewhere else. Part of the reason I decided to name the domain was because I thought some photos I took while I was there towards the end of fall looked really good. The other reason is because while I’m out there I tend to be a bit more introspective and I felt that it would work with this site because this is your window into my world.

Mine Road During Winter 2004


This site runs on WordPress 2.0 with these fine plug-ins:


The base design of this site is based on the famous Kubrick by Michael Heilemann. I’ve taken the libery of hacking it up with my own images, styles, etc. until it suited my tastes. One day I may sit down and bash out my own custom template but it seems pointless when one already made looks mostly how the one you would make would end up looking.

The greyscale color scheme of the site is because of my odd facination with, well, greyscale. You can ask anyone who knows about my design work and they will tell you that since the first time I decided to design a webpage for myself I’ve always stuck to my proverbial greyscale guns. Do I have any idea why I do this? No, not at all just some weird personality glitch. Are all my sites greyscale, nope just my one personal one.