Ohio Valley Pizza

Iggy's Pizza - YUM YUMAH, Ohio Valley Pizza, nothing quite says, I’m from the middle of nowhere like making up your own style of pizza (or something). Now if you’re not from Steubenville or Toronto you may not know exactly what Ohio Valley Pizza is. First off, it is the best pizza on the face of the earth. Secondly, there is no contesting the first fact because I said so. HAH. Anyway the first thing that you’ll notice that is odd about our favorite pizza is that it’s square. Square as in it’s made in a square pan and then cut into square pieces. Then you’ll notice that the cheese isn’t melted all the way. The uncooked toppings are put on after the sauce, base cheese (minimal), and dough are cooked. You always have to make sure to have a slice ASAP before everything melts on the drive/walk back to your place. You’ll also notice that our pizza sauce isn’t really much of a sauce at all as much as it is just stewed tomatoes. Also the crust is a mix between a deep dish and thin crust. It is very much Focaccia bread, if you’ve ever had that. Oh, and the best part is that you buy it by the slice. So I can just walk up on any given Tuesday and get dinner for 2 bucks. The “by the slice thing” causes considerable issues for those who are only used to ordering this way. I’ve heard of more than a few people that have walked in to pizza joints in other cities and walked out with 8 large pizzas when they really just wanted 8 pieces. Anyway that was my much delayed description of the best pizza on earth, I hope it’s brightened your day considerably.

The SSL Blues

Ah, technology, how I loathe you. Primarily I just loathe SSL certificate brokers right now. Their changing practices are starting to get annoying right now. At one point you could just provide proof of who you were and then you could get your SSL certificate and go on with life. Now, though, its a completely different story. Some people have been taking advantage of being able to get SSL’s somewhat easily and now I have to sell my first born child while dancing on one leg in order to obtain one. I understand why they do this but it still doesn’t cease to make it annoying.

I’m still posting on this thing… Really I am!

I just noticed I haven’t written anything on here in awhile. I thought I’d written my little ditty about the notorious “Ohio Valley Pizza” condition already. It seems I haven’t, though, so I will make a point to finish that this weekend. On a positive note I picked up an iPod Shuffle today, which is really working out well so far. I’ll also post some pictures and information about that this weekend as well. Time for me to be going though I want to catch up on some reading before I go to bed.